Vanman Architechts

I had a salesperson in my office today trying to get us to sign up with them to get us better ranking on Goggle. I explained that we had been with you, at WebLeaseUSA, and someone tried to tell us they could save us money if we switched our website hosting to them. After switching, we lost our ranking on Google and went from the first page and ended up on the thirteenth page. I told him that we canceled our agreement and went back to WebLeaseUSA, after which time I typed in "Minnesota Church Architects" and Vanman Architects and Builders, Inc. came up on the first page, third one down. Then I typed in "Minnesota Bank Architects" on Google and with that one Vanman came up in the first page first listing. I told him we would not be interested in making a change to his company. Thanks for all the great work!

Mark Coleman

Southport Kennels of America

I wanted to write to express my gratitude for the work you've done and continue to do on our web site. The site is one of the top sources of new customers for our business, so we view it as both a tremendous value and an integral part of our continued success. When someone welcomes a new dog or cat into their home, or when someone who owns a pet moves to our city, an internet search is quite often the means by which they find a boarding kennel. Our site is consistently at the top of every major search engine, something no other area kennel can boast of. Your suggestions for improvements over time and your quick turnaround when we move forward with changes makes my job easier. Thanks again for the help you provide our business!

Digitizing Express

We've been delighted by WebLease's design skills, and have found their sales and support staff to be knowledgeable and always willing to help. When building our new site, we provided them with some basic design concepts which they put together into a stylishly "retro" web site that has enabled us to begin web marketing in earnest.

Hodge Carpet

This is a letter to thank the team at WebLeaseUSA on the great job that they did building and promoting the website for Hodge Carpets. The site looks great and more importantly works as advertised. Our account manager sold us on the concept that a new website would greatly enhance our exposure on the Internet. The new site has a great Google ranking and we appear on the first page by entering common keywords that our customers would use to find us. We are very pleased with the final results of the website and look forward to converting some of those new leads from the Internet into sales.

Leslie Burgess

Cruz Carriers

Everything looks great! Thanks so much for taking care of everything so quickly. We really appreciate your efforts in getting our website updated to where we wanted it to be.

Keith Aleshire

Strike Twice Computers

I couldn't keep my website up to date on my own. WebLeaseUSA thoughtfully reminds me to do updates and has given me a website I'm proud of, and puts my competitors to shame.


We have been working with Westlake Web Works since 2014 and have been extremely pleased with the website work they’ve done for us. Their response time is always quick and they’ve gone out of their way to help with additional solutions for our organization.

Ken Kupferman

Affordable Lock

The team at Westlake has always been consistent and focused on service. Anytime I have suggestions, or want to make changes to my site to help with rankings, they’ve jumped right on it. On top of that, Patrick brings me cookies every time we meet. It has nothing to do with the website, but it’s a nice perk! It just shows how they go the extra step to make sure their customers are happy.


Carls Lock

The web designers and developers at Westlake Web Works are true professionals. The iterative design process worked well for us since we could dial-in the look exactly how we wanted. Also, being able to call and make changes anytime without having to worry about extra charges has been really convenient. Ben, Patrick, Dustin, and the rest of the team at Westlake Web Works made a website we can be proud of.